VBL implemented unique project of transportation of portal cranes for Universal cargo complex in Ust-Luga. Uniqueness of the project was the transportation of assembled cranes.  Height of the cargo was 47 meters and weight of each one was more than 240 tons.

The scope of work of the company included full cycle from project development of safe accommodation of over-sized cargo and towing barge along the route St.Petersburg  — Ust-Luga, organization works to fulfill them to elaboration and implementation of loading/unloading operations and installation works.

Перевозка кранов

Loading/unloading operations was carried out in strict accordance with the developed projects of CNIIMF and under the supervision of independent surveyors. All work was also monitored by superintendents of the company.

Works and towing conducted in the most difficult weather conditions (late in the autumn), which required extensive resources for safe performance of work.

After towing and mooring of the barge in Ust-Luga for the next two hours cranes were connected to shore power and were ready to start work.

The project involved own transport of the holding: barge 2034, icebreaker Captain Plakhin and floating crane «Bogatyr-4», by which all the operations of lifting and installation of cranes on a barge and berth of  were carried out.