Among the many projects undertaken by the company «Volga-Baltic Logistic» in 2012 the project for the delivery of boats for the needs of FSUE «Rosmorport» is marked out.

In accordance with the agreement between «VBL» and «Rosmorport» we organized transportation of 6 multi-purpose boats (project MRR 14) built at the production facilities of JSC «Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair works» to the ports of Caucasus, Rostov-on-Don, Arkhangelsk, Tuapse, Astrakhan and Novorossiisk. «Due to the fact that delivery of boats planned approximately once a month, and the last transfer was carried out in winter, usage of tug and barge units is not economically feasible. In the end, it was decided to arrange delivery by road transport, — says Director General of «VBL» E.G. Goldin. — The duration of each stage with the preparations did not exceed three weeks, and the work has been fully implemented in the period from August to December 2012″. The project manager Alexander Chernov also notes: «The customer set strict requirements. Delivery of the boats in the port of destination must be completed within 14 calendar days from the date of transfer, in addition, parking keel blocks and necessary rigging must be produced for each boat, and after the delivery the executive had to conduct control tests of boats on water in the the port of destination».

Перевозка катеров

Start of the transport operation was preceded by a long preparatory period in which we computed the most efficient route of delivery in terms of speed and the quality of the transport services and the creation of optimal logistic schemes. It was necessary to foresee the existing limitations associated with the transport dimensions of road train with a boat (length — 23.2 m, width — 4.4 m, height — 4.5 m) for the passage of bridges and maneuvering in difficult parts of the route. «It was important to take into account the peculiarities of the territory in the destination ports for ability of road train with cargo to maneuver and approach to the place of unloading, as well as restrictions according to passage through mountain terrain»- says Alexander Chernov.

Difficult weather conditions and clogged movement of road train with a boat due to the intensity and workload traces could interfere with fulfillment of the terms of the contract. However, despite this, the obligation to deliver boats were made on time. This transport has become a landmark for the market of road transportation.

Implementation of the project of transporting boats consisted of the following main stages: the rise of boats from the water and set them on the keel blocks, preparing boats for transportation, obtaining permits and road transportation of boats on low loaders to the destination, organization of unloading and preparing boats for the descent in the ports of destination. Delivery of boats to customer and the implementation of control sea trials were conducted in the obligatory presence of a representative of «VBL». As part of the agreement with FSUE ‘Rosmorport’ it was also necessary to dismantle steerable propellers on the boat, including a cardan shaft, housings, gas outlet and the cooling system, as well as their КОНВЕРТОВКУ with the production of the necessary technological rigging. To unload the boats in ports of destination VBL have developed projects, technical regulations, taking into account all the safety rules for the maximum exclusion of any risk of damage of cargo, as well as projects of production works with cranes. Note that the complexity of the transport operation and features of the cargo required compulsory insurance for all types of work during all stages of transportation.

In the process of transportation a large number of contractors was attracted, in connection with which strict coordination and control of joint actions at all stages of transportation were made.