In July 2013 completed the transportation of storage tank for storage of liquid latex which dimensions are 608 x 515 x 530 cm, produced by one of Europe’s largest suppliers of equipment for the company TECHNIP LLC «RusVinyl» for the construction of the PVC plant in Nizhny Novgorod region, city Kstovo.
Transportation equipment was carried from the port Leyshoys, Portugal with handling operations in the Sea Port of St. Petersburg from the sea vessel to the river-sea type vessel for further transport to the jetty of discharging, located on the Volga River in Mihalchikovo. And the final step was the transport of the equipment on auto transport to the place of unloading in the territory of the plant LLC «RusVinyl». The equipment is delivered without any damage and in time.

complexity of the project:

— Strict requirements seller to the conditions of carriage of goods with a limited budget.