4 heavy pressure vessels produced  by Volgogradneftemash plant, were delivered from  Volgograd to Tuapse and RO-RO discharged on the berth of Tuapse dockyard on December 20, 2013.

Weight and size characteristics of equipment (weight, length X width X height):

  1. 115.20 tonnes, 18.5 m Х 5.0 m Х 5. 2 m;
  2. 101.30 tonnes, 12.8 m Х 5.6 m Х 4.7 m;

3  45.80 tonnes,  11.3 m Х 5.0 m Х 4.4 m;

4  84.70 tonnes,  14.2 m Х 5.0 m Х 4.9 m

The equipment was delivered through Russian inland water ways, Azov and Black Seas on S.P.A. pontoon in the end of navigation period 2013 (October-December). LO-LO loading was made on Volgogradneaftemash crane berth. Discharge to the berth of Tuapse  dockyard was made by RO-RO modular transporters.

The project of lashing, securing and stowage as well as, the project of towage and RO-RO discharge  were developed, to guarantee the safety of cargo operations.

Project was done in cooperation with Infotech Baltika CJSC.