LC VBL during 2013 year performed multimodal transportation of equipment and cable production by sea and autotransport for LC «Tatneft-trans».

While contract fulfilment between LC VBL and LC Tatneft-Trans were effective and timely  implemented transport and logistics services from door to door from Germany, Russia, Nizhnekamsk, including a full range of services throughout the route for drawing optimal route, loading cable products for motor transport, registration of all necessary documentation and customs clearance.

In addition to data traffic volumes in the period April to September 2013 Ltd. «VBL» under this contract comply with complex forwarding services for the transportation of equipment from the US to Russia, Nizhnekamsk. Equipment weighing over 700 tons were delivered from a warehouse of the consignor to the consolidation warehouse in the port, put into 40 ‘container, loaded onto ships and transported to Russia handled in the Big Port of St. Petersburg on the machine for delivery «door to door» in Nizhnekamsk. The range of these services, in addition to the above, includes registration and RTP port forwarding of cargo.