On September of 2015 LC VBL performed transportation of 2 reactors, which manufactured by «Izhorskiye Zavodi» on  barge «2033» from berth Ust-Slavyanka (Saint-Petersburg city) — Nizhnekamsk city. Loading on berth of Izhorskiye Zavody and discharging in dock-camera in Nizhnekamsk city were performed with ro-ro method. The length of the route was more than 2,000 km along the rivers Neva, Svir, Sheksna, Volga, Kama. To fulfill contractual dutiesl, transportation was carried out in a short time and was completed on time. For arrangement of discharging the cargo in dock-camera special project of cooperation ballasting system of dock-camera and barge’s portable water pumps, this project let to execute safe ro-ro discharging during minimal time period.Basic dimensions of reactors 1 reactor — the length of 29485 m, diameter — 7,1 m, weight — 400 tons; 2 reactor — length — 45615 m, diameter — 7,1 m, weight — 600 tons.