The company Volga-Baltic Logistic in 2015 performed the transportation of equipment designed for underwater drilling in the Caspian Sea.

There are four units of such equipment was transported on barges — «S.P.A. 1 «Project 42 and the barge of the Volgo-Baltic Project 03060.

Dimensions of cargo unit: -19,54m Length, width — 15,36m, height — 3.9 m, weight — 230 tons.

Loading in Tønsberg was carried out using a 400-ton floating crane, which handled equipment from modular transport to the barge, ballasting operations completed whilr handling.

During transportation cargo sailed through: Norwegian , North , Baltic sea. At The Port of Saint-Petersburg performed replacement of tug from sea type to river type. After voyage through Russian Inner Waterways barges exit to Caspian Sea where the final destination (Baku) reached.