The vacuum column C-201 has been made at the Volgodonsk plant «Atommash» (JSC «AEM-tekhnologii» branch, a machine-building division of SC Rosatom).

The vacuum column is a part of a complex of primary oil refining and is intended for division of fuel oil on: heavy and light vacuum gasoil, and also tar.

Loading of a column was done by cranes on special berth in Volgodonsk and unloading in Omsk was done by Ro-Ro method on the fulfilled scheme under strict control of VBL managers, according to engineering projects.

Main dimensions of the column were:
Length: 52.3 m;
Height: 12.4 m;
Width: 11 m;
Weight: 520 t.
The route from the Rostov region to Southern Siberia lay through Volga-Don canal, down the river to Volga, through White, Onega and Ladoga lakes on the Svir and Neva Rivers to St. Petersburg with the subsequent exit to the Baltic and Northern seas, bending around Norway, further, on NSR, the Ob and Irtysh Rivers to the jetty in Omsk.
Thus, LC VBL has updated an own record, having increased transportation distance on one barge up to 13 300 km without transshipments.

Transportation of vacuum column