Project «ZapSib»

Customer: «ZapSibNeftekhim»;

EP: Linde AG;

LSP: deugro.

During navigations of 2016-2017, delivery of 435 cargo units ( 27400 tons ) fulfilled by LC VBL. It were placed on 36 barges:

  • From Kirkenes to Tobolsk ( 4 barges );
  • From Sabetta to Tobolsk ( 32 barges );

Cargoes delivered by geared vessels from European and Asian ports for transshipment to barges using onboard cranes after that were sent to Tobolsk. In order to attract barges, which satisfy customer requirements, 10 barges were mobilized from Astrakhan and Italy, 4 of them were mobilized from Rotterdam to Sabetta on board of geared vessel Jumbo Kinetic.

Three most critical cargoes from list of 435 units :

  • 2x С3 Splitter 106,5m х 7,4m х 7,6m — weight 800 tons;
  • Primary Fractionator 51,65m х 13,4m х 13,65m — weight 805 tons;
  • Water wash column 61,7m х 10,5m х 10,7m — weight 620 tons;

Scope of services provided by LC “VBL”:

  • Mobilization of the barges, which meet customer requirements to the ports of transshipment;
  • Developing of projects of stowage and securing cargo in cooperation with CNIIMF;
  • Removal from hook of geared vessel, stowage and securing cargo on board of barges;
  • Transportation of cargoes from Kirkenes and Sabetta to Tobolsk;