Project RSD49 — «Neva-Leader»

Classification: KM (*) Ice2 R2 AUT1-C Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Ship type: twin-screw multipurpose dry cargo motor ship with bow thruster

Overall length, m 139,95
Overall beam, m 16,50
Draft, sea, m 4,7
Draft river, m 3,6
Cargo-carrying capacity, sea, tn 7000
Cargo-carrying capacity, river, tn 4400
Deadweight, sea, tn 7157
Deadweight, river, tn 4525
Cargo holds capacity, cbm/cbft 10920/385585
Hold No.1, m 26,0×12,7×8,37
Hold No.2, m 52,0×12,7×8,37
Hold No.3, m 27,3×12,7×8,37