Компания Волго-Балтик Логистик осуществляет
оказание официальных агентских услуг компании
Jumbo Shipping в России и странах СНГ

Jumbo Shipping является владельцем и оператором
специализированного флота, предназначенного для
перевозки негабаритных и тяжеловесных судов.

Agent services as Jumbo Shipping’s commercial agent for Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States

In recent years, Volgo-Baltic Logistic increased its attention to the development of project cargo. To this effect, VBL signed an exclusive agreement with Dutch Heavy Lift Shipping Company Jumbo Shipping in June 2009. Jumbo has appointed VBL as its exclusive commercial agent for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Description of Jambo Shipping Vessels

The joint activities of the two companies are based on their combined assets and experience. This combination offers customers not only a brand-new service level for the safe and on-time delivery of over-sized and heavy cargo to and from Russia and CIS, but also a multimodal service, including the delivery of cargo by ocean vessels, the transshipment of heavylifts by onboard vessels cranes onto river barges or seagoing vessels and on-carriage through Russia’s inner waterways to the point of discharge.

Jumbo Shipping owns and operates a specialized fleet of Heavy Lift Vessels (HLV’s). These HLV’s have shallow draft and crane capacities ranging from 500 tons to 3000 tons. The current Jumbo fleet is comprised of 16 in-house designed HLV’s, totaling over 145000 tons deadweight.

The flagship of the fleet is 4 J1800-class vessels which can lift 1800 tons. Two of them are equipped with DP2, making them suitable not only for transportation, but also for offshore installation in water depths in excess of 3000 meters. A key feature of their Huisman mast cranes is their large outreach: at 27,5 meters these cranes can still lift their full 1800 tons.

Jumbo’s new K-Class vessels, with length of 153 meters and width of 27 meters, have two cranes, each of them can lift 1100 tons. These vessels have a 1A Finnish-Swedish Ice standard in order to be able to operate in the severe Arctic conditions.

Markets of Jumbo Shipping:

  • Oil & Gas – onshore / Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas – offshore
  • Power generation
  • Cargo handling equipment
  • Rolling equipment
  • Floating equipment

Description of Jumbo Shipping Vessels