At 2016 VBL company contiued working on organization of transportation of HL&OOG equipment intended for the expansion of natural gas production facilities at the offshore field in the Caspian Sea, 70km from Baku.

For performing the project three units of non-propelled fleet have been mobilized:

  • Barge of 03060 project –  2 units — KMG-107 m KMG-108;
  • Barge of 16801 project – 1 units – barge «2034» ;

17 cargo units were placed totally on three barges  with the total weight — about 3200 t.

Maximal dimensions of cargo : Height up to 12,20 m , width up to 11 m, length up to 19,75m.

Loading in Halden Port and Tonsberg ( Norway ) and dischargin in Baku made with crane method. Transit time for each barge were approximately 35 days.

The project was implemented in partnership with the «Volga Shipping Company» and  «Kazmortransflot »