A significant event for «Volgo-Baltic Logistic» became the implementation of the project «Tobolsk». The preliminary elaboration of the project took three years to complete, and performed in close cooperation with the Customer — LLC «Tobolsk-Polymer» who are producers of the equipment and nominated by the EPC contractor. It has been worked out many schemes of delivery, a few variants of accommodation and transportation projects, especially shipping options of column drying propylene with length of more than 90 meters and boilers, dimensional characteristics of which have been changing during the FEED phase of the project. Finally the Customer decided that it was necessary to produce and delivery reactor column with weight of 1030 t, length of 96 meters and diameter of 9 m, what caused the necessity of construction specialized barge, as the current fleet could not provide the needs of the project. So, for the carriage of drying column a special barge with length of 102 m was designed and built. The Barge has received the name of «Volgo-Baltica» in honor of our company. Construction and preparation of the barge to the implementation of a unique trade were carried out in the Holdings’ shipyard JSC «Nevsky shipbuilding-shiprepair plant».

Проект "Тобольск-Полимер"

In total, it was delivered more than 50,000 cubic meters of petrochemical bulky equipment for the route Arkhangelsk-Tobolsk during 2010 — 2011. 12 cargo ships were mobilized to implement the project. Shipments originated from European ports and Arkhangelsk. Ships passed 2300 marine miles, 1500 of which were on the Northern Sea route. Shipping was complex and strictly limited in time because of the short summer navigation period and the rapid decline of water level in the river Irtysh.

Note that the marine section of the transportation was carried out by the cranes of Jumbo Shipping, including unique vessel with cranes with a lifting capacity of 1800 tons. Well-coordinated work of our companies has allowed carrying out transshipment operations in the period under specified contractual obligations.