About VBL

Volgo-Baltic Logistics Limited Liability Company (VBL LLC) is a dynamically developing company that confidently retains strong business positions in difficult economic conditions and focuses on key projects in the transport sector in its development plans.

The main activity of the company is the logistics organization of cargo transportation.

The versatility of the fleet managed by the Company, along with the wealth of work experience accumulated by its leading specialists, allows the company to confidently undertake the most serious projects, inevitably confirming its reputation as an impeccable player in the transport services market.

In its development strategy, VBL especially highlights such a promising area as the transportation of non-standard, bulky and heavy goods, as well as oil and petroleum products, meeting the ever-growing demand for these services from the oil and gas sector industry.

VBL expands the geography of commercial activity from the traditional (all ports of Europe, the Mediterranean, Black, Caspian and White Seas, as well as inland waterways of the western part of the Russian Federation) to such remote areas as the ports of the Barents, Pechora (Naryan-Mar) and Kara Seas (Varandey), the Yamal Peninsula (Kharasavey), and also, most of the Ob River basin, where over the past few years a wealth of experience has been accumulated in delivering supplies to the regions of the north and forming the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry.

The fleet of the company’s partners is best suited to work in the area of the northern shelf. In particular, in this region, in addition to the demand for tanker and dry cargo self-propelled