Company services:

  • Transportation of oversized, heavy loads;
  • International transportation and transportation of bulk and general cargo by inland waterways;
  • Organization of multimodal transportation of oversized and heavy goods. Towing operations of any complexity on the river and at sea;
  • Provision of a range of brokerage services;
  • Transportation of goods to the Far North

Our fleet fully complies with the latest requirements of all applicable IMO international instruments. Motor ships can be used both in marine areas and on inland waterways. Their dimensions and draft make it possible to carry out transportation along the river systems of Russia and European countries. The basis of the fleet operated by VBL LLC is made up of river-sea class motor ships.

All transportation is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of international documents: the International Convention for the Safety of Human Life at Sea, international codes for the Safe transportation of timber, bulk cargo, grain, transportation and fastening of general cargo; as well as in accordance with national norms and rules related to the safe transportation of goods.